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How to Make Your Bar an Awesome Music Venue?


Turning your bar into a music venue mostly involve a music band. It’s a great way to drive customers, make the ambience better, and get more profit each night. But there’s one problem, how do you find a band? Here is a step-by-step guide to making it less difficult for you as a bar owner.


Deciding on what type of band you are searching for is the very first and the most significant part of turning your bar into a music venue. At the same time as there are various types of music, there are also different kinds of bands. Most bar owners get close into the idea that only “cool” bands will be able to attract newcomers to their establishment, and so they tend to forget about their customers. You need to take into consideration that this band of your choosing is supposed to “charm” your customers. Therefore, you should look for a band that compliments with them and their dining experience.

Take for an example, if you’re a high-class bar, you don’t just hire an indie band, even though they’re really famous on the radio. If you have a bar that serves Spanish food and drinks, you don’t want to hire a band that plays gothic and metallic music.

After reading this article, you’ll think is an obvious step, but a lot of bar owners ignore or forget to follow it. And instead, they hire bands that are either popular or recommended by someone.


While looking for bands, you need to listen to them on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time, you can ask a trusted friend, family member, or a co-owner to research bands in the locality. You can also look for them on YouTube.

Before hiring a band, there are things you should consider. First of all, they should have a sound system. Most bands have their own sound systems to make sure that they have the best sound. They also have to know how to setup speakers. If they know how they can make it sound better, and you literally don’t have to do anything. Lastly, they should a good visual display, where musicians can have their own lights. But the best bands know how to adjust lights and dress the appropriate attire.


So you’ve already decided on a band, you’ve already talked about the rates. But do you need to find another band for next week? Nope. We recommend that you shouldn’t play different types of music for various nights. This is why the first step is very important, you should pick one genre and stick with it.


Marketing is more than just putting a sign on your bar door saying “live band”. You can advertise his band by putting them all over the social media. Or if your bar has a website, you can put it on your site’s calendar. You can also feature them in your local newspaper.

Grilling Foods in a pub


Who doesn’t like to get outside and grilled foods in a pub? On a beautiful summer day, there is nothing more relaxing than hanging out with friends and family, and eating some delicious foods hot off the grill. With a great pellet smokers from Rec Tec, your food will taste far better than it would have if you had prepared it in the kitchen.

Of course, grilling food is only relaxing if you have the right knowledge and tools like from best of Char-Griller. If you have lacked the know-how, what should have been a fun experience can quickly turn quite stressful. Also, it is important to have a high-quality grill if you want to make the experience easy and relaxing.

A great grill for anyone who wants to have the best grilling experience would be something like the Weber Summit grill. The Weber natural gas grills are state-of-the-art tools that will assure your foods come out delicious. This sort of grill also has even heat distribution. Plus, these types of grills can accommodate larger parties if you want to have more friends over.

Another advantage for a Weber Summit grill is that it will look quite impressive sitting in the pub. Just by seeing it, people will automatically assume that you know what you are doing. They will think you are an expert in preparing grilled foods before you even get started cooking! Usually, people’s stomachs start rumbling as soon as they see one of these grills.

If you are looking for the tastiest meats, it is a good idea to marinate ahead of time. You can use your favorite bbq sauce or even something like honey, or soy sauce. You can really get creative with the marinade and experiment with different flavors. You may also want to add some salt onto the food before grilling.

Don’t forget you can grill vegetables on your grill as well. Vegetables that may have been boring steamed or boiled, take on a whole new life when they are grilled. Try brushing the vegetables with a bit of olive oil and salt. You can either place them directly on the grate, or you can wrap them in foil.

To have the best grilling experience, you need the right tools. If you are using some antiquated grill that has been sitting in a pub for 30 years, you are way more likely to end up with burnt and dry food. Also, old charcoal grills often prepare inferior food. However, a new model of a Weber natural gas grill can do wonders in assuring that your food comes out perfectly every time.

A Weber natural gas grill can go a long way to making sure you have the best grilling experience. The Weber Summit series comes in stainless steel, has a generous cooking space and has high-end features, like a smoke burner and infrared sear burners, that will make your grilling experience optimal.


Hot Grilled foods with the coolest of wine and we are starting off with the basics. White wine goes with white meat and red wines go with red meat.


Expose the Top Music Venues with your Camera

4935Exposing the top music venues with your camera requires an accurate balance of comprehending your camera functioning, having access to the music venues and developing a personal and captivating style to present your camera work because photos are always part of travel. The following are tips on how to attain that balance.

  •  Research and Network

A photographer requires a certain amount of intimacy with his subject. Getting up-close to any band members or singers at music venues is difficult. It becomes even more difficult to access them during their performance when you want to photograph the action. Researching and networking ensure that you have better access which provides an opportunity to take better photos. Conduct your research on the venue, network with the band’s PR firm, manager, security team and event organizers to see if you can get a press pass. A press pass allows you to go backstage, on stage or up close to capture the entrancing action on camera.

  • Pack Light

Exposing the top music venues with your camera requires an excellent photography composition. A good composition requires varying angles and shots from the music event. Some music events occur in small enclosed venues. Therefore, if you carry a massive backpack and many camera accessories, it will be difficult to move around and capture varying angles and shots. A full-frame camera, a flash, and a 35mm F2 lens are adequate for your photography.

  • Manual Mode

You will be unable to popularize top music venues if you do not learn to use the manual settings on your camera. This is especially crucial in regard to exposure mode. The bright lights, moving rays and deep shadows found at a music venue can easily confuse the automated camera resulting in poor exposure and poor quality images. Therefore, the manual mode is preferable especially in the case of aperture and shutter priority.

  • Lighting Solutions

Most music venues are small and crowded with low light levels. There are three options available to capture images of subjects performing on a low light stage. The canon image stabilization lens and the Nikon vibration reduction lens are good options to cover low lit stages. The lenses reduce the possibility of camera shake or motion blur by enabling you to shoot at minimal shutter speeds. The next option entails using a full frame sensor camera which enables your ISO to increase to 3200 without image quality loss caused by digital noise. Finally, using zoom lenses or prime with fast apertures can help when shooting in such a low light scenario.

  • Style

Despite the challenges of low lighting, overcrowding, noise and other technicalities try your best to shoot a wide variety of shots and capture better photos. Incorporating close-ups, long shots with the band and crowd, crowd shots, high energy moments, and band interactions before and after the performance tells a good story. Be alert to ensure that you do not miss any moments while staring at your camera settings.

  • Post Music Event

Properly edit and compile the photographs using laptop from the music event in a captivating manner on your digital dark room and send them to PR firms and media outlets within at least 48 hours. Check laptop for your convenience and buy one. This will ensure that the music venues have adequate exposure and your photographer profile will also improve because the photographs have a chance to be published.





Tour the Best Places in Colorado

Aside from the first state in the US to legalize marijuana, it’s also a great place to experience the Colorado food, to drink amazing beer, enjoy its art, explore to its national park, and even travel into the past. If you want to make the best Colorado experience, you should not miss visiting the following places.


If you’re looking to do some outdoor activities, you must not miss the fresh Colorado air in Boulder. It can be found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by the piney foothills. Boulder has a lot of great hiking, biking and climbing trails that will feed your craving, whether for an easy expedition, or a challenge that will definitely make you sweat. Just don’t forget your navigation system. GPS makes it easy to travel around Colorado.

Besides the off-the-road adventure, there are also urban tourist spots in the vicinity. They have several dining places to fill your hungry stomach from an exhausting outdoor adventure. There are also shopping malls and art galleries. And if you still have the energy, you can anticipate to Boulder’s busy and colorful nightlife hotspots.


Your exploration of Colorado will not be complete without visiting its capital city, Denver. One of the many attractions of this city is the downtown, which is a combination of the Wild West and Urban chic scene. And in the downtown, you’ll surely won’t be able to miss the gigantic aquarium that individuals of any age will surely enjoy. It currently houses more than 500 kinds of sea life in the Downtown Aquarium’s over 100 million gallons of water. You can also take pictures with Denver’s Botanic garden featuring a large amphitheater, a conservatory, several themed gardens and rotating exhibits. And if you want to get rid of that summer heat, you can visit one of Americas biggest water parks, the Water World.


Aside from skiing, there are many things you can do at the luxurious destination in Colorado. You can start your exploration with a visit to the Allegria Spa. There, you can relax after a long day of getting strapped on two sticks. If you’re looking to eat some good food, you don’t have to leave Beaver Creek at all. There are a lot of dining options you can choose from, including the 5-course meal they serve at the Beano’s Cabin. Surprisingly, there are also art galleries in the place, with the village covered with them.


You won’t be able to find so many Alpines anywhere else in the US besides the Rocky Mountain National Park. From Denver, it will take you two hours to arrive in this park. The place is constantly filled with tourists from the middle of June to the middle of August. You can witness the sunset over the Never Summer Mountains which is a drive up to the Rock Cut, using the Trail Ridge road. You can also sign up for a Ranger program and get your first junior ranger badge. You shouldn’t miss visiting the Historic Holzwarth Site, which is a living history of the place.

Featuring Great Ambience from Music Stage to Toilet Rooms

bar toiletFeaturing Great Ambience from Music Stage to Toilet Rooms

Compared to other developing countries, Japan has some of the most complicated toilets. Normally, there are two styles in this is Eastern country, the oldest and most basic are the squat toilets, which are still popular at public bathrooms in Japan. As the World War II ended, Western-like flush toilets have become more popular in the country. TOTO is one of those many famous brand of toilets.

Since then, Japan has improved their toilets by constantly adding features to the toilets. Others
may have a heated seat, automatic flushing, and there are some that play relaxing music. Basically, Japan has one of the most comfortable flushing toilets in the world.

Other public bathrooms may not have music-playing toilet bowls, but they do have speakers hidden throughout the bathroom to provide great ambience to users through music.


You can encourage them to be quick about using the restroom. As you would notice, restaurants play different music in their dining area and in their public restroom. In the dining rooms, you’re expected to be relaxed while dining, thus a quiet type of music is provided. On the other hand, bathrooms are seen more as being functional. They expect you to avoid lingering inside, and therefore they provide music where the restroom users are encouraged to be quick about doing his or her business. This is a great way for establishments with only one toilet bowl, allowing other people to use it, avoiding lines crowding on the outside.

It allows people to do their businesses without making any noise. When someone is defecating, it could be noisy sometimes. There are some people who get very uncomfortable doing so, especially with the deafening silence inside a public restroom. Anyone who enters can hear you, and it can be really awkward for other people. There are also some individuals who get edgy when their peeing noise surrounds the restroom. You don’t want them to get a bladder infection by keeping it inside, so it’s a great help for others to put music in your restroom.

For homes, it can be relaxing while defecating. People might not admit to it, but there are actually a lot of users who love playing music while defecating. Some read newspapers, and some just use their phones to hear some relaxing music. However, it can be unhygienic to use a music player or a phone to play music while pooping. A great way to solve this without sacrificing music is to install some speakers in your restroom. You can put the mp3 player outside, and play the music that you want before you get inside your toilet. But remember, put a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer near it so your family won’t forget to clean their hands before turning it off again as soon as they finish doing their business inside.

Who doesn’t love music? It can really be unusual, but it’s a great attraction. It’s a great way for people to visit your establishment, especially if your toilet is brand new and you only allow customers to use.


How Carpenters Build a Good Venue


carpenterHave you ever gone to a venue and wondered how they were able to make it look like it’s made by a machine. Besides their skills in carpentry, they also have tips and tricks that we’ll share with you.


Every time carpenters use a tape measure, it can be really hard to remember the exact measurement of the item you just measured, especially if it has a lot of numbers to the right of the decimal point. One way carpenters avoid this problem is by sticking pieces of masking tape on the surface of their measuring tape. This way, it will be easy for you to write down the measurements on it with a pen or pencil.


A table saw you can count on for building projects is one of the many secrets of carpenters why they build a good venue all the time. Currently, there are four different types of table saws, which include the Portable table saw, Contractor’s table saw, Hybrid table saw, and the saw. All tables have the same features. However, as you increase the price, you will expect a better performance, stability, accuracy and safety. According to eBay, there are 9 features you should consider when choosing a table saw. These 9 include the horsepower of the motor, kickback prevention, flesh sensor, magnetic switch, kick switch, dust collection, drive belt design, left blade tilt, and ease of use.


Almost all people measure using their tape measure when doing any kind of wood work, then they mark the wood which has to be cut off. Although it works almost all the time, it’s not impossible to accidentally measure it wrong, and this situation can be expensive. Whenever possible, basically hold the wood up and simply mark the surface to where it has to be cut. Through marking, it lessens the chance of making mistakes. However, there are obviously situations where measuring is mandatory, and in this situation, you’ll have to check it twice to make sure.


There are times where you really have to use a nail, but you don’t want the head to be visible. What carpenters do is they grab a really sharp chisel and meticulously chisel up a small silver of the timber, and push the nail underneath the chiseled part. You can use the glue to stick the timber back together.


To neatly and properly remove nails, a carpenter’s advice is to use a pair of extremely sharp nippers to tug the nails from the woodwork. You can use it to grip the head securely. This is a great way than to just use a pair of pliers which can damage the wood.


One of the many tips of carpenters includes a method to prevent timber splits. When you’re driving a nail into the wood close to the end of the plank, to avoid wood splitting, reverse the nail and hit once to press the wood fiber. After which, hammer the nail in the right way through the indent.





We Are Hosting a Ping Pong Championship

ping pong at the bar


The Boulder’s Home of the Blues will be conducting a Ping Pong Championship on August 4-5, 2016 from 2 PM to 9 PM.

Whether you’re a rookie, professional, or an athlete, you are invited to join this fun and exciting table tennis tournament.

The winner will be given free drinks and food, and will receive a gift check for two people to enjoy tourist spots in Boulder. You will enjoy 3 days and 2 nights stay at the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn. You will have an adventurous time in Boulder where you can enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, biking, climbing and etc.


Before barging through our door, you’ll have to register through our website! You need to fill up your name, age, address, e-mail address, gender, and if you’re playing singles or doubles. If you’re playing doubles, your partner can exclude him or herself from registering.

After sending us the details, you will receive an e-mail congratulating you for being one of the lucky individuals/pairs. We only allow 10 men and 10 women for singles, and 6 female pairs and 6 male pairs. Therefore, be sure to put the correct information and send us immediately your registration form. This will be a first come first serve basis.

For those who weren’t able to get a slot, you will still be encouraged to go to the tournament. You’ll be on the waiting list where you can get lucky and play as a replacement for the individuals who can’t attend the championship, or if they are sadly disqualified.


You should bring a valid I.D., with your photo, name, and address. You should also bring your own equipment, which are the racket and ping pong balls. Don’t worry, we have net table tennis table available at blues. Players are required to also wear the proper table tennis outfit, please do not wear jeans, slippers, and other inappropriate clothing. If you can’t follow the instructions mentioned above, you will be disqualified.


A lot of you will probably come from the capital city of Colorado, which is Denver. In Denver, head south on Bannock St. toward 14th Avenue. Then, you turn right onto W 13th Avenue, and then turn another right onto Speer Blvd. After that, you can merge onto I-25 N via the ramp to Ft Collins and finally merge onto I-25 N. Then, Take exit 217A on the left to merge onto US-36 W towards Boulder. And then, take the Baseline Rd exit toward Co-93. Furthermore, keep right, and follow the signs for Frontage Rd, and merge onto 28th Street Frontage Rd. Finally, you can merge onto 28th Street Frontage Rd and then turn right. The destination can be found on the right. Specifically, the address of the bar is at The Boulder Outlook Hotel and Suites, 800 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80303, United States.


What is Great about Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)


What is Great about Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)


Blue is one of the tracks by the Eiffel 65, which is an Italian music group. The song was released on January 15, 1999, as the main single for the group’s debut album entitled Europop. This track has become Eiffel 65’s most famous single. In fact, it becomes number 1 in several countries including the United Kingdome, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, and Switzerland. In the United States Billboard Hot 100, it was able to land the spot of number 6. Added to that, Blue (Da Ba Dee) was awarded a Grammy Award nomination for the Best Dancing Recording in 2001.


“Yo listen up here’s a story,

About a little guy that lives in a blue world,

And all day and all night and everything he sees,

Is just blue like him inside and outside.”

There are lots of meaning to the word Blue. The lead singer couldn’t be just talking about the color Blue. Although yeah, the music video did show real blue men, there are still other things blue refers to. If we think of the word, it means sadness or being down, and the first verse clear depicts a very consuming depression caused by the cruel suffocation of modern reality. It’s not that everything the lead singer sees is blue, but our world alone, and not his own very soul, is poisoned.

Do you see how the small blue guy is expanding the engulfing blueness of his reality in every part of his life? The house, his home, is now fully blue, and that includes his one and only window. The blue window alone is disturbing since we all know that it’s supposed to be a part of the house that allows us to clearly see the outside world. Maybe, the blue window represents how he looks at himself. You can also notice that the blue man does have a girlfriend, but like everything he has, she’s blue.

The music video also commences with the Eiffel 65 members’ faces displayed on television screens. There are a lot of things you can interpret this part alone. But it is somewhat showing how the group feels encased with the attention they get from the media.

There are many confusing imageries in the video. First of all, you see the little blue men and the group having a combat with each other, but at some point, you can also see how they enjoy the Eiffel 65 playing the music. You can also see how they were able to escape the little men, but during their exit from the planet, the blue men seem to want them back with a gigantic blue sign on its planet saying “, PLEASE COME BACK”.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this Eurodance is sh*tty, annoying, nonsense, and badly created pop music. Blue is a hymn to the everlasting yearning, the feeling of being alone that by some means unifies us all.