Music Blues and Sadness

Dave just completed his college assignment which took him a week to complete. It was not easy for him, he sacrificed his sleep, his social activities to give it the best. When the results came, it was one of the poorest performed units. He received this news with a lot of sadness.

All he needed was some time away from the school, probably in the house and listen to some soft musicWhy blues and not any other song genre for Dave? Blues will have the following impact on Dave’s situation

1. Communicates directly with the listener
2. Lifts the spirit
3. Enhances your cognitive thinking
4. Allows you to relax and relieve anxiety
5. Opens a world of positivity

What then calms down this anger? There are many things you can engage in which they tend to calm your emotions to think maturely.

These blues contain inspiration songs which always in a way communicate directly to you. “You should never be afraid” This is an inner voice trying to give you hope in as much as you have wallowed in pity about your situation. As the words sink in the heart of this sad listener; it also allows you to have a conscious mind in a way to give you solutions to the situation. Unlike when you sit in a silent environment, you allow negative thoughts which can escalate the sadness to depression.

Of course, the sadness makes you have a low spirit; you do not even feel like even doing the things that you have enjoyed all the time. When you listen to blues, apart from the direct communication, it gives you a new phase of life by lifting your spirit with the messages of hope in the music. Some of them are real-life experiences, which allow you to relate to your own situation and just notice you are even in a better situation, you have no reason to be sad.

Whichever type of music, it enhances your metabolic activity which means you have the strength to do other things as you sing along. It is at this point that the voice of reason takes center stage to help you exercise your cognitive skills to come out of the situation.

In some cases, you just want not only to forget about the issue but to allow your mind to deviate in a way to make the sadness naturally disappear. When you listen to the blues in one way o the other you get engrossed in the words and the tune of the song to an extent you even forget that you were sad. Within no time, you become happy as if you have just swallowed instant happiness tablets.

Blues gives you motivational quotes which you can relate to the situation that makes you sad. In turn, it makes you have a chance to look at the positive side of the situation to become victorious.

The power of blues to someone low in spirit is amazing. The slow-paced music gives you an ample time to listen to yourself and

the voice of reason to make you have a positive thought about your situation. Unconsciously, you get off the situation without notice.