Tour the Best Places in Colorado

Aside from the first state in the US to legalize marijuana, it’s also a great place to experience the Colorado food, to drink amazing beer, enjoy its art, explore to its national park, and even travel into the past. If you want to make the best Colorado experience, you should not miss visiting the following places.


If you’re looking to do some outdoor activities, you must not miss the fresh Colorado air in Boulder. It can be found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by the piney foothills. Boulder has a lot of great hiking, biking and climbing trails that will feed your craving, whether for an easy expedition, or a challenge that will definitely make you sweat. Just don’t forget your navigation system. GPS makes it easy to travel around Colorado.

Besides the off-the-road adventure, there are also urban tourist spots in the vicinity. They have several dining places to fill your hungry stomach from an exhausting outdoor adventure. There are also shopping malls and art galleries. And if you still have the energy, you can anticipate to Boulder’s busy and colorful nightlife hotspots.


Your exploration of Colorado will not be complete without visiting its capital city, Denver. One of the many attractions of this city is the downtown, which is a combination of the Wild West and Urban chic scene. And in the downtown, you’ll surely won’t be able to miss the gigantic aquarium that individuals of any age will surely enjoy. It currently houses more than 500 kinds of sea life in the Downtown Aquarium’s over 100 million gallons of water. You can also take pictures with Denver’s Botanic garden featuring a large amphitheater, a conservatory, several themed gardens and rotating exhibits. And if you want to get rid of that summer heat, you can visit one of Americas biggest water parks, the Water World.


Aside from skiing, there are many things you can do at the luxurious destination in Colorado. You can start your exploration with a visit to the Allegria Spa. There, you can relax after a long day of getting strapped on two sticks. If you’re looking to eat some good food, you don’t have to leave Beaver Creek at all. There are a lot of dining options you can choose from, including the 5-course meal they serve at the Beano’s Cabin. Surprisingly, there are also art galleries in the place, with the village covered with them.


You won’t be able to find so many Alpines anywhere else in the US besides the Rocky Mountain National Park. From Denver, it will take you two hours to arrive in this park. The place is constantly filled with tourists from the middle of June to the middle of August. You can witness the sunset over the Never Summer Mountains which is a drive up to the Rock Cut, using the Trail Ridge road. You can also sign up for a Ranger program and get your first junior ranger badge. You shouldn’t miss visiting the Historic Holzwarth Site, which is a living history of the place.