Featuring Great Ambience from Music Stage to Toilet Rooms

bar toiletFeaturing Great Ambience from Music Stage to Toilet Rooms

Compared to other developing countries, Japan has some of the most complicated toilets. Normally, there are two styles in this is Eastern country, the oldest and most basic are the squat toilets, which are still popular at public bathrooms in Japan. As the World War II ended, Western-like flush toilets have become more popular in the country. TOTO is one of those many famous brands of toilets.

Since then, Japan has improved their toilets by constantly adding features to the toilets. Others
may have a heated seat, automatic flushing, and there are some that play relaxing music. Basically, Japan has one of the most comfortable flushing toilets in the world.

Other public bathrooms may not have music-playing toilet bowls, but they do have speakers hidden throughout the bathroom to provide great ambience to users through music.


You can encourage them to be quick about using the restroom. As you would notice, restaurants play different music in their dining area and in their public restroom. In the dining rooms, you’re expected to be relaxed while dining, thus a quiet type of music is provided. On the other hand, bathrooms are seen more as being functional. They expect you to avoid lingering inside, and therefore they provide music where the restroom users are encouraged to be quick about doing his or her business. This is a great way for establishments with only one toilet bowl, allowing other people to use it, avoiding lines crowding on the outside.

It allows people to do their businesses without making any noise. When someone is defecating, it could be noisy sometimes. There are some people who get very uncomfortable doing so, especially with the deafening silence inside a public restroom. Anyone who enters can hear you, and it can be really awkward for other people. There are also some individuals who get edgy when their peeing noise surrounds the restroom. You don’t want them to get a bladder infection by keeping it inside, so it’s a great help for others to put music in your restroom.

For homes, it can be relaxing while defecating. People might not admit to it, but there are actually a lot of users who love playing music while defecating. Some read newspapers, and some just use their phones to hear some relaxing music. However, it can be unhygienic to use a music player or a phone to play music while pooping. A great way to solve this without sacrificing music is to install some speakers in your restroom. You can put the mp3 player outside, and play the music that you want before you get inside your toilet. But remember, put a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer near it so your family won’t forget to clean their hands before turning it off again as soon as they finish doing their business inside.

Who doesn’t love music? It can really be unusual, but it’s a great attraction. It’s a great way for people to visit your establishment, especially if your toilet is brand new and you only allow customers to use.