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Matt & Honey




We’re all still recovering from the Third Annual Shipless Blues Cruise.  It was well worth the exhaustion.  I’ll get back to that in a minute.


Tonight we have the Symbols with Jasco.  This is their first gig at the Outlook, so show them some love.  Tomorrow night we have Paradigm with the great Eddie Turner.  We all know this man is a killer, so this might just turn out to be another SRO show with him, Billy Hoke, JT on bass, and Fada on djembe.   And on that note, Eddie has just been nominated by the Independent Music Awards for best new Blues Song!  Here’s the link: 


Congratulations, Eddie!


Saturday night the legend that is Willie Houston returns, and he’s always a pleasure and a thrill.  I get the chance to run into him occasionally, and I always know I’m in the presence of Blues Royalty.  He’s as kind and gracious as he is talented. 


This Sunday is a Jazz Jam.  It was scheduled to be a Blues Jam, but the Shipless Blues Cruise changed that for this month.  Tuesday is the Dan Treanor jam.


Back to the Cruise.  Beginning Friday night and ending Sunday night, it was one long weekend of some tremendous and exciting Blues.  Gina Sicilia and her boys kicked it off  at 8:00 p.m., and the party went until 12:30!  Matt Hill and Ron Thompson were  scheduled to play Saturday and Sunday, but they both decided to come in a day early.  Matt arrived mid-afternoon and ended up playing on the All Star Jam, as did Ron, just minutes after he arrived from DIA. Todd “Buck Weed” Edmunds joined them on the stand up bass, and he was off the hook!  He played so hard, he had bloody blisters on in fingers.  Now that’s dedication.  We also had Willie Panker, one of those drummers whose every performance inspires.    

My Beloved  Delta Sonics kicked off the musical party at 3:30 Saturday afternoon, and they had Willie on drums with them, so it was a wonderful reunion.  Steady Rollin’ joined them toward the end of their set, and again, a reunion.  Tempa and the Tantrums followed with a wonderful, soulful set with Jon Woodhead on guitar, Billy Hoke on Drums, Tempa’s husband, Noar, on rhythm guitar, and Bill Shannon on bass. 


Then Bob Margolin decided to relive a bit of our Blues for the Gulf jam and invited 15-year-old Austin Young up to play.  Just Bob and Austin again.  The first time they played together was at the BFTG jam in September, and this time it seemed as if they’d been playing together for years.  Bob always brings out the best in those around him, those playing with him, and it’s easy to see why: Everything about Bob is gracious and encouraging, and I can think of no better musician to inspire and lead the next generation of Blues musicians.  His generosity is unbounded. 

The next two sets had the Delta Sonics backing Bob, and a few guests.  One of the highlight moments for me was having Matt Hill join Jill Watkins and Gretchen Troop as a Bobette on “Tell Me What I Say.”  He held his own with the girls, matching their choreography, and even swinging his hair around with the gals!  It was fabulous fun.  Of the many things for which we can be grateful to Bob, introducing us to Matt Hill is on the list. 


Bob brought Matt up to showcase his tremendous style and guitar chops.  He’s a talented guitarist with a wonderful voice, and his rapport with his audience must be seen to be believed.  He’s ridiculously funny, clever, and charming, and he wowed the Outlook, guaranteeing him future gigs. 


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Thu 2/24 - Symbols
Fri 2/25   - Paradigm w/Eddie Turner
Sat 2/26 - Willie Houston
                   & Junk Yard  Dogs
Sun 2/27
-  Jazz Jam w/Mark Diamond 


Tue     3/01 - Blues Jam Hosted By Dan Treanor
Thu     3/03 - Hornbuckle Bros.
Fri       3/04 - Easy Bill & Big Beat
Sat     3/05 - Teresa Lynne with T-Bird
                       & Dream Boats




Which brings me to Sunday night. Ron Thompson opened for an hour-long set with Lionel Young, Jay Forrest, and Mark Diamond. Since none of these men had ever played together before, it was astounding the music they made.

Then Matt came on with the same band excepting a bass trade, with Todd Edmunds replacing Mark Diamond. Now, this solved a lot of logistical problems for me in that Matt is moving to St. Louis next month, a very short flight to DIA, so a fly-in gig would be easy. Except he needs a band. After the third number, I turned to Memphis’ Heidi Knochenhauer (who flew in earlier last week for the party), and said, “Talk about a dream band.” So it’s settled. We’re working on bringing Matt in to play with the just-formed Outlook All Stars: Matt Hill, Lionel Young, Jay Forrest, and Todd Edmunds. I’m also trying to figure out how we can budget to fly Matt in any time Bob is here, just so he can retain his status as a Bobette.

I know I’m forgetting more than I’m remembering, but it was a very full and exciting weekend. That, and I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS ##$%^@ COLD! I’ve spent this entire week in bed, and am only just able to sit at my desk and hold my head up. I’m on the mend, but still foggy. Oh well, this too shall pass.





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